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You will need to provide your own First Aid Kit suitable for dealing with outdoor activities.  If you are doing the bush walk, we suggest bringing a portable first aid kit to carry on the walk. At camp you will need to assign a First Aid officer to look after your first aid requirements. For any accidents complete an accident report form. At Carey Park these are in the first aid room. Your host will be able to provide them to you. This information helps us to keep a track of incidents, helping us ensure both equipment and facilities will not cause accidents or incidents to camping groups.


Where adults are supervising activities, it is important that we provide these activities safely. We want the ultimate outcome for the people using the activity to be one of experiencing challenge, risk and fun, along with any EOTC goals for school groups, in order for this to happen our staff will train adults on the activity they will lead for the day. Adults must remain with the same activity for the day for the safety of the participants. Please refer to the activities instruction sheet and RAMS document for the supervisor to people ratios. Supervisors must not use phones whilst supervising. This causes distraction and a lapse in concentration.


All activities have supervision sheets, both for supervised adult lead and staff instructed activities. These sheets are a valuable resource and give details on effective supervision of the activity along with safety tips and show the level of supervision required. You should use these sheets to ensure you have sufficient adults who are suitable to take part in and supervise the activity.


Each activity has its own RAMS sheet. RAMS sheets give you information around the risks associated with the activity. They also provide management tools for those risks inherent in each of the activities. We split the risks around our activities between: The Environment, The Equipment, and The People. Also included are the generic risks and hazards associated with outdoor adventure activities. Please take time to familiarise yourself and group members coming to camp. These are a great resource to help you with supervising our activities.


Between 8:00am to 5:00pm the One Big Adventure staff Building Warden handles the group in the event of an evacuation of the buildings. The group's appointed person should liaise with the Building Warden in the event of an evacuation. The group's appointed person will assume the Building Warden role outside of normal working hours (8:00am to 5:00pm). The rooming list will act as additional information in an evacuation. Please show on the rooming list, any persons within your group who may require help to leave the building in the event of an evacuation (examples may be people who are hard of hearing, partially sighted, physically or mentally disabled/imparted or infirm). In the event of an evacuation, the Building Warden will use this list to establish that all people are removed from the buildings. The Building Warden will pass this information onto the Fire Department upon their arrival. It will also help the Fire Department in the event of them having to rescue anyone, particularly those who require help, by giving the Fire Department a location for the person or persons who may require help.


Our activities undergo an annual audit inspection to ensure that we provide them in the safest possible manner, meeting the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our certifying body is OutdoorsMark. They are a national outdoor safety auditor tailored for the New Zealand outdoors community. This certification ensures independent expert assessment of our equipment and activities management. Where required, we are audited and registered with WorkSafeNZ under the Adventure Activity Regulations 2016. We provide a safe, challenging and fun facility for all of your activities. You will receive all necessary training, highly maintained equipment, up-to-date RAMS, onsite training and pre-camp planning. All you need to do is turn up and supervise activities. We provide a description of each activity and staff will be available to train adults for all activities each morning. In addition, we provide activity and first aid training to staff. We are committed to providing your group with a safe and enjoyable experience.


We have full wet weather options available for you. For any information on wet weather options please contact the Hosting, Activities and Education Manager. Some activities at camp are weather dependant because of the environment in which we carry them out. The team decides whether to postpone or cancel an activity. The host will then inform the relevant supervisors of activities. We allocate wet weather activities as backups in case conditions deem an activity unsafe. We arranged these prior to the group arriving and will be ready to go if needed. Parent training on activities is to include the wet weather alternatives where appropriate. We review activity provision at least once a day with forecasts sought from Met-service. We will share information from this forecast between activities staff during the morning briefing and any relevant information passed on to the group leader. Postponing or calling off an activity will occur if the safety or wellbeing of the participants becomes questionable or imminent. This can be because of a direct change in weather or by the group’s ability/inability to cope with the conditions, such as insufficient clothing, lack of experience with an activity, age. This information will relayed to the adult helpers who are running activities without a staff member.

Conditions leading to cancellation of activities:
RAIN: Moderate Rain: Rainfall of 2-6mm per hour: We will cancel Confidence Course and Poles and Planks as it becomes too slippery.
Heavy Rain: Rainfall of 6-25mm per hour: All water-based activities including kayaking are to be postponed during heavy rain and will restart after it ceases.
Torrential Rain: Rainfall of 25mm per hour or more: we will cancel all outdoor activities during torrential rain. 
THUNDER: Thunder will cause the postponement of some activities for a minimum 15 minute probationary period. The activity may resume if thunder is not heard again. If thunder is continuous, we will cancel the activity until safe to use again. Applicable activities will be advised during your morning supervision training for activities. If thunder occurs while students are on the bush walk, the activity is cancelled and the group must make their way back to camp immediately via the quickest and safest route available. LIGHTENING: We postpone all activities if lightning occurs. They cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash. All guests are to make their way indoors until the probationary period has passed. If thunder continues after this time, follow the policy statement for that weather condition and the activity.


We train activity staff in the supervision and instruction of our activities. We base some of this training in house, we provide some by independent third party training providers. All training meets industry standards to ensure a safe delivery of activities to you, our guests. Activity and hosting staff all hold recognised first aid qualifications and all staff working at camp are police vetted to ensure your safety. All kitchen staff have undergone training in good kitchen practice and are basic hygiene certified. All staff working at camp “core workers” (i.e. activity staff) as well as “non-core workers” (i.e. administration, kitchen and maintenance staff) are subject to Children’s Worker safety checking, as specified under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. Volunteers who work at camp are not subject to Children’s Worker safety checking, however they are subject to reference and police vetting checks where volunteers are over seventeen years old. Professional engineers and industry accredited auditors specific to the type of equipment being audited fully maintain and annually inspect our activity equipment, to ensure that it meets industry safety standards. WorkSafeNZ registers us as a provider of adventure activities under the Adventure Activities Regulations 2016. We are also an OSCAR approved provider undergoing regular audits to the relevant legislation.


We explain emergency procedures for evacuating the buildings to the group as part of the welcome talk. All of our facilities have emergency evacuation alarms installed.